Balcony window


Galeria balcony windows are an innovative large roof window with an additional window opening up into a balcony. The Galeria window opens up so many opportunities to add quality and additional space into your home. The bottom sash can be pushed open to create the balcony and it has side safety barriers built in. Once closed the side rails are hidden inside the window and are not visible above the roof surface. 

  • Innovative, large roof window in which the open sashes create a balcony. The upper sash is opened upwards, the lower forward allowing easy access to the balcony bay.
  • The sash when opened in position from 0 to 45 degrees is supported by innovative supporting mechanism enabling to leave the sash open in any position within this range.
  • The window is operated by the handle located at the bottom of the upper sash. Handle has a two-point locking mechanism.
  • The sash when rotated through 180 degrees is locked by the bolt for cleaning.
  • Automatic air inlet V40P.
  • Both the upper and lower sashes are equipped with safety glazing unit P2.
  • The highest quality pine wood, glued in layers, vacuum impregnated.
  • Double coated wood with ecological acrylic lacquer in natural colour.
  • Increased resistance to burglary – topSafe system.
  • A wide range of accessories.
  • Installation range from 35 to 55 degrees.

Raising The Standard